Meet The Team!

Erin Bike Hut is a friendly, independent bike shop in Port Erin on the south coast of the beautiful Isle of Man. The doors opened for the first time on Saturday 8th December 2012 and we’re proud to have established ourselves as part of the islands cycling cutlure. We love bikes and when we’re not in the shop we’ll probably be riding, fixing, cleaning, reading about or talking about bikes! Who are ‘we’ you ask? Meet the Erin Bike Hut Team…

Steve: ‘The Boss’

…The business founder / owner and man responsible for turning pages of his scribbled notes, sketches and ideas into the reality of a fully functioning bike shop. Steve’s a regular time trial / road race / mountain bike XC competitor and there are a number of his trophies on display in the shop as a reminder to us all of his greatness. Only his own mother can read his handwriting but it’s fair to say that he has no trouble making himself understood via the medium of speech!

Emma: ‘Admin Angel’

…Frequently and incorrectly referred to as Steve’s wife or ‘Erin’ (and unwisely referred to as ‘the girl in the office’ by an individual who shall remain nameless), Emma speaks fluent Microsoft Excel and is the general problem solver when it comes to the computerised till / stock system. She’s also a creative genius when it comes to upcycling old bike parts, you’ll be amazed at what she can do with some old wheels and a length of threaded bar! Em knows her stuff when it comes to bikes too, she’s successfully completed the Cytech Theory One and Cytech Technical One Practical courses and gets plenty of miles in on her Orbea Avant road bike and Orbea Keram e-Bike.

Warren: ‘The Management’

…Our shop manager has been riding bikes since the 1980’s and his specialist subject is plummeting down road descents at speeds most other people would consider to be insane (in accordance with Rule#85)! He’s pretty handy with a camera too and you’ll see a lot of his photos on this website and over on our Facebook page. Warren is colour-blind but argues that he’s right and the rest of us are wrong, ask him about ‘the red folder’ under the counter – which is actually orange! He’s not a fan of early mornings, has a policy of not riding before midday but occasional exceptions are made under ‘special circumstances’.