Frequently Asked Questions

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Got a question? To save you having to pick up the phone or write us an email / Facebook message, we’ve done our best to answer our most frequently asked questions. Scroll through the page below to see if we’ve answered your query…

Q: Are you open on a Sunday?

A: No, but we do sometimes open on a Sunday for special events (such as the End2End), see our Facebook page for updates.

Q: What kind of bikes do you sell?

A: We sell road bikes, mountain bikes, trials bikes, BMX bikes, hybrid bikes, kids bikes (in all sizes from their first balance bike through to 24″ and 26″ ‘nearly adult’ bikes!) and stunt scooters.

Q: If I buy a bike, can you deliver it?

A: Yes, we can deliver anywhere on the Isle of Man. We can also box up and ship bikes to anywhere in the world.

Q: Do you sell umbrellas?

A: No, but it’s not the first time we’ve been asked!

Q: Do you service / repair bikes?

A: Yes, we can handle anything from fitting a new inner tube to a full bike strip and rebuild.

Q: Do you accept American Express?

A: We don’t, sorry. We do accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards and you can also pay via bank transfer or PayPal.

Q: If I buy a new bike, will it come with pedals?

A: Kids bike have pedals fitted as standard but most adult bikes don’t. There are many different pedal systems so the manufacturers leave it to the customer to fit the ones they usually use. We have Shimano, Speedplay, DMR, Wellgo and M:Part pedals in stock and it you don’t have a particular pedal of choice, we’re happy to advise.

Q: Do you sell cycle helmets?

A: Yep, we’ve got a great range of road and off-road helmets for kids and adults by Giro, Lazer, Orbea and SFR.

Q: Should I wear a cycle helmet?

A: There’s no law that says you have to but we’d always advise that you wear one. There’s an easy way and a hard way of discovering if you should have been wearing a helmet and you won’t find any of our staff on a bike without one. Our cycle helmets are available from £19.99 – the price for not wearing one could be much higher.